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But wait... are you actually giving and getting as much from your hug as possible?? Yes, it is actually possible to SUPERCHARGE YOUR HUG :)

For most people, a hug is a hug... 1-2 seconds long, a pad on the back and done with it. I have been there myself as well. But how did it end up like this... did society learn you that that is how it should be? did your parents? The reason i question this, is because of the day today - NATIONAL HUGGING DAY.

And being the health and happiness"geek" that I am, i have also come aross Science that actually tells us, that by doing the "socially-acknowlegded" hug, you may be loosing out on some of them many possible health benefits that a hug can actually provide for you and the people you hug. Intrigued?

It is actually more simple that you think - not easy, but simple... When hugging, don't hug for 2 seconds, hug for 20 seconds!!! Really? Yes!

Studies show that if you hug for around 20 seconds, you actually release a lot more Oxytocin, which has the nickname " the cuddle hormone". And Oxytocin has a myriad of effecs in the body, and is also part of your normal stress respone. The way it can benefit you, your partner and everyone you know, is that one of its functions is that it lowers the level of stress hormone, Cortisol in your system. Besides this it may also have a positive

effect on your heart health and more... but for now...

STOP READING, AND GO AND HUG SOMEONE, yes you guessed it, for 20 SECONDS

( preferably someone you already know )

Yours, in health, strength and happiness


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